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  • From this admission year stating from sept / oct 2004, every student will be asked to produce a character certificate from the institute last attended by him / her mentioning about the students behavioural pattern in terms of violent / aggressive attitude.
  • An anti-ragging committee and Flying Squad are already in place in our institute, and working satisfactorily. The squad does surprise checks and makes visits to hostel, dining hall, gym, library etc.
  • Annual undertaking jointly signed by all students and their parents is obtained for admissions June 2009. Similar undertaking for admission to hostels will also be made compulsory. Such undertakings already exist in our institute since inception.
  • A separate booklet containing all the information about what constitutes ?Ragging?., its dehumanizing effects, causes and punishment is prepared on the lines of INC / KNC / RGUHS guidelines and Karnataka Education Act 1983 and relevant circulars of Government of Karnataka. This booklet is supplied to all the students and their parents, duly obtaining their acknowledgement.
  • A mentoring committee has also been constituted involving senior students as mentors.
  • Meeting of anti-ragging committee is held from time to time.
  • Display boards / placards urging the students not to indulge in ragging and not to tolerate any ragging are displayed in prominent places in campus.
  • Anti-ragging committee consists of Principal, teachers, wardens, one police officer of the area, a lawyer and local councilor of City Corporation. The wardens are residing in the campus itself.
  • Copies of Book let, Anti-ragging committee, Flying squad and Mentoring committee are sent to INC, and RGUHS The phone numbers of all committee members are made available to all the students for contact when / if required.
  • Finally I would like to mention here that a peaceful atmosphere prevails in the campus and students-to-students behaviours have been found to be satisfactory.        


Mentoring Cell 


1. Advisor             -         Warden, Boys Hostel 

2. Advisor             -         Warden, Girls Hostel 


Sl. No.

Students Names.



Angitha Abraham.

I Year B.Sc., Nursing.


Divya Vijayan.



Shelby Merin Sajan.

II Year B.Sc., Nursing.


Aswathy Satyan.



Anitta Francis.

III Year B.Sc., Nursing.


Mahima Thomas.



Jismol George.

IV Year B.Sc., Nursing.


Nimisha Annie Sebastian.



Anti Ragging Committee  

1. Principal, S.S. Institute of Nursing Sciences.

2. Mr. Praveen.B.Kadur, Lecturer, Department of Community Health Nursing.

3. Mr. Sunil.D.C., Lecturer, Department of Psychiatric Nursing.

4. Mr. Naveen Kumar.P.R., Lecturer, Department of Pediatric Nursing.

5. Warden, Nursing - Girls Hostel.

6. Mr. L. S. Prabhu Dev, Executive Officer, Taluk Panchayat, Davangere.

7. Mr. C. Suresh, Councilor, Avargere, Davangere.

8. Mr. Ramdas, Advocate, Davangere.

9. Sub Inspector of Police, Vidynagar Police Station, Davangere.


Anti Ragging Flying Squad 


1. Mr. Mansoor Basha, Lecturer, Department of Psychiatric Nursing.

2. Mr. Madhukara.S., Lecturer, Department of Psychiatric Nursing.

3. Mr. Prakash.G.D., Lecturer, Department of Psychology.

4. Warden, Nursing - Boys Hostel.

5. Warden, Nursing - Girls Hostel.

6. Ms. Sherin Babu. Internship Student.

7. Ms. Sonali.K.Sabu, I Year B.Sc., Nursing.

8. Mr. j. Ganesh, Security Supervisor, SSIMSRC, Security Officer.



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